Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Semester 2

That was everything finished from second semester. That was A LOT. When I showed it to my high school teacher he was surprised at the amount of work for a first year!

Scott Bakal's Photoshop class.
"Gubble Gum" story book
please click for full size.

Scott Bakal's Photoshop class.
"Not Quite fitting In"

Scott Bakal's Photoshop class.
This was also done to illustrate one of R.J. Huneke's short stories. You can see his website here: http://www.rjhunekewrites.com/index.html

Peter Emmerich's General Illustration II class.
Acrylic on cardboard.
"This Little Piggy"

Peter Emmerich's General Illustration II class.
Ink and watercolor on board.
"When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play"

Dave DeVries' essence of comic art class.

Cereal box assignment.

Little Miss Muffin Top

Sat upon her kitchenette

Eating her lard and buffet

Along came a health care provider

Who sat down beside her

And informed Miss Muffin Top her weight

Little miss Muffin Top

Sat with her anisette

Eating jellybeans for lunch

Until up the stair

Stood a being of health care

And foiled Miss Muffin Top’s munch

Little Miss Muffin Top is the main character of Muffin Tops Cereal. She loves to eat and will eat anything and everything. She especially loves any kind of muffin, but dislikes the bottom of the muffin and therefore only eats the tops. Miss Muffin Top’s worst enemies are her doctors because they want to change her diet and keep her from her love of eating. Sometimes her health doctors visit her house for regular appointments and remove her favorite fatty foods from her kitchen. Miss Muffin Top will immediately go to the food store after her doctors’ visit. Miss Muffin top also has an image problem in which she believes she is in top shape to wear the latest summer trends. Her wardrobe consists of only belly shirts and short shorts or short skirts. Miss Muffin top encourages children of all ages to be just like her by promoting her new favorite cereal Muffin Tops! ( Also available in Lard flavor).

Dave DeVries' essence of comic art class.
Character assignment.
"Little Miss Muffin Top"

Dave DeVries' essence of comic art class.
Facial expression assignment.
Micron on bristol

Barbara Hanlon's color to illustrate the written word class.
Acrylic on illustration board.
"Joe Bat"

Ray Lago's perspective class. Assignment #3
Acrylic on illustration board..

Ray Lago's perspective class. Assignment #2
Pencil and watercolor on illustration board.

Ray Lago's perspective class. Assignment #1
Pencil on paper.

So all of this work was created between Feb '09 and May '09.

Black Dirt Rodeo

So there is this annual thing around Sept called 24 hour comic book day. This was started by an artist named Scott McCloud and the object of the day is to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours! My friend Jordan and I went to the location in NYC where this was being held which was a comic book shop called Jim Hanley's Universe. Expecting there to be a lot of participants, Jordan and I were surprised to be the youngest of about 10 people. A few of the people were just some random people who enjoyed drawing comics while a few of the others were sort of in the industry and had a few published books. During the 24 hours Neil Adams, a distinguished comics illustrator came in and gave us fried chicken! It turned out that his son was one of the people participating. We also met another comic colorist for Marvel and DC named Tom Chu. So anyway, for my idea for the comic I used my brother's story and then pretty much made up everything else as I went along. You an also see that the drawing quality just declines at the pages go on because my hand just go so tired!! It is much harder than you think to do one page per hour + cover. It may also seem pretty stupid because there was no prior planning except for some of the story. I am hopefully going to take this one day and revamp it really nice to make it look good. Right now just see it as a rough script. Also when this was done with we scanned it and sent it away to a library in Ohio to be archived in the 24 hour comics day file and also sent it to Scott McCloud himself for a chance to be published in a 24 hour comics day book for 2008. These two things were pretty much the only real rules that were set up for this event. The rest was have fun and make a comic! So here is what I did in that 24 hours. Hope to redo this one day it could be awesome. Oh yeah and NO REFERENCE WAS USED thats why it looks all wobbly and funny. =]

Monday, June 1, 2009


I am using this so I can see my progression though college so I am not going to put anything done before on here! If you just so happen to be some random person and you want to see more, you can see everything on http://icegoo.deviantart.com/

Semester 1

So thats first semester bunched into one big post!! Hopefully everything after I post second semester will be spaced out because I will just post it as it comes along. Anyway, I am going to have William Low again as a teacher for 3rd semester!! I can't wait I know he will give good assignments and I will learn a lot from him.

Jane Bixby- Weller's dynamic drawing techniques class. Assignment #3
Colored Pencil on smooth drawing paper.

Jane Bixby- Weller's dynamic drawing techniques class. Assignment #2.
Charcoal and watercolor background. (bad idea)

Jane Bixby- Weller's dynamic drawing techniques class.
Charcoal on charcoal paper.

Final piece for general illustration I.
Acrylic on illustration board.
"MmM Cake"

This was the next piece for William Low's class.
Acrylic on canvas board.

This was the very first piece I did for William Low's General Illustration class.
Pencil on paper.

Lets start out with every finished project I created in my first semester at FIT from Aug '08 to Nov '08.


Dear internet,
So the purpose of this blog is to chronicle all of my illustration work as I go through college and after.  So far I've finished my first year at FIT.  All of this current work will be posted as soon as I figure out how to get the pictures on here!